About The Work

Conceptually, my work is an exploration of life; embracing the constant flow of harmony and chaos that frequents our daily lives. I pull from many wells of inspiration including my love of the body and my fascination with the geometry and textures found in the natural world. My intent is to make sure that the lines, surface and movement of each sculpture blend together, creating a complex but refined whole.

I always enter into projects with a certain concept, yet constantly allow shapes to manifest naturally into the real world. Though sometimes the creative process can be like a painful birth or dancing the Tango where both partners are struggling for the lead. In the end, however, its the compromises made throughout the creative process that can make or break the work.

Clay is an amazing material and I often refer to it as the ‘flesh of the earth’.  It absorbs everything you give it, emotionally and physically. I have found, over the years, that I’m more attracted to its ‘raw’ state. I don’t use clay as a vehicle for glaze, but allow it breath and articulate on its own. I suppose you can call me a ‘purist’ in that way.

For me, you don't just work with clay but coexist with it. Every clay body has its own voice, characteristics and memory that must be explored and respected. It's a symbiotic relationship that I truly enjoy and intend to continue for many years to come.




Featured: New School of Sculptors" Collection. Curated by Katherine Henning Senior Associate Curator at Saatchi Art 


2017   Visions in Clay - LH Horton Jr Gallery - Stockton, CA

2017    International Ceramic Exhibition - Blue Line Gallery - Roseville, CA

2016 - 2010

2016    Petite Beauty - Jed Malitz Gallery V2 - New Orleans, LA

2014    Group Show Fall 2014 - Keystone Art Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

2014    Master Blasters of Sculpture VI - The Hive Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

2014    Generate Group Show - Keystone Art Gallery - Los Angeles, CA

2011    Illusions of Reality - Sedona Artist Coalition - Sedona, AZ

2010    Faculty Art Exhibtion - Verde Valley Community College - Clarkdale, AZ


2018 LA/HOME Magazine - Spring/Summer

2014     Erica Nicohls - Artist Feature: Beverly Morrison, Ceramic Sculptor - 30MilesEast.com

2017     Ceramic and Pottery Arts Resource - Venice Clay Artist.com


2015    LAAA (Los Angeles Art Association)- LAAA.org

2011    2015 NCECA (National Council on the Education of Ceramic Arts)

2011    2015 Potters Guild


M. Michaels - Los Angeles, CA
G. Linn - Los Angeles, CA
A. Malini - Las Vegas, NV
J. Stafford - Arvada, CO
J. Parsons - Steamboat Springs, CO
E. Morrison - Alameda, CA
U. Kendra - Japan
P. Vidal - France
A. Convery - Santa Rosa, CA
E. Severino - New South Wales
E. Firth - United Kingdom
M. Mueller - Los Angeles, CA
J. Grace - Pomona, CA
A. Woods - Austin, TX
M. Vosburg - Tujunga, CA
A. Kleinau - Sacramento, CA